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Mr. Pradeep Srivastava when realised the need of focus as a long term objective, He took this step to build the foundation of PS Academy in 1995. His purpose was to come up with a platform for the ones who are struggling to get through Civil Service Examinations. The Institute is persistently producing good results in almost every examination conducted by UPSC as well as MPPSC.

He is very voracious writer, published many books and magazines. Almost 1000+ students got through the most difficult examinations through his support and hard work. Faculty members are equally supportive; the approaches to the syllabus and concepts are very precise. They are highly qualified and talented to throw away the obstacles. The roadmap and milestones they provide are very quirk and helpful to grasp the basic concepts. The Academy schedules periodic examinations to provide students the real adrenaline of the examination. As it is very important to be in the situation to understand it better. Real time examinations yell out the problems that still can be improved of students as it was just a test not the real exam, we call it a in-depth review.

The primary focus is to promote dedication through real learning. We do not brag out the results but the results brag out our story. The Academy deals with almost every subject that is important for writing any of these exams like IPS, IFS, IRS and any other conducted by UPSC and MPPSC. Subjects like Public Administration, History. Sociology, Law, General Studies, Geography, Hindi and Anthropology.

Our job is not only to get you through the written examinations but also to present in front of you the real aura of after written examination. The Academy conducts the real feel of Group Discussions, Mock Interviews and discussions with IAS, IPS and subject matter specialists of different fields. This process boosts the confidence in aspirants as well as prepares you for the real exposure. Examinations are no more first attempts. we believe in exposing you to the several attempts before you face the real challenge.

As civil services examinations are not only dependent on the intelligence but also on the other aspects. The most crucial challenges are being faced by the aspirants of these exams. Not only in India but also in other countries the examination is reckoned. We prepare you for the hurdles to face the fearful challenges. The Exams demands true dedication, exposure to all the areas equally and determined to dig out all the facts along with little smartness.PS Academy amulgamates all these things infront of you and present infront of you in the best way. To guide for every obstacles and teach you how and when to handle is our responsibility.