About Us

PS Academy does not want to pen down a success story but we want to create a successful generation. We being a top notch institute of MP and Central India as well believe in shaping the future of every student in such a way that they sparkle like stars. In the constellation of several civil services examinations like IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS conducted by UPSC and MPPSC, our aim is to prepare the brightest stars. PS Academy has got that consistency in producing the best results among all institutes.

We would like to get an opportunity to tell you about us. What we do, how we do, and how we handle our deadlines. All these questions are best answered when you come and join hands with our institute. We believe in serving the dessert at first shot and later on we work on how it tastes.

Your Story

When someone comes to this city of dreams carrying a passion in heart of being an IAS, IPS, IRS, or IFS officer.  An officer who has got all the amenities along with the authority to resolve the huge national issues.
When you find no place, where to take admission for the preparation? Questions like, “what to study, when, and how?” we’re here to answer all these questions that bother you, related to civil service examinations.
PS Academy is a way to resolve complications of indulging yourself in the big institutes and a way to the twisted paths of your vague imaginations. We provide you the best path with the crystal clear ideas that helps you to choose the right step. We strive to honour you in a best way.

From crawl to run

Our motive is to teach you the right path, no matter how long is the path. In a nutshell, the path may start from a crawler to the runner. PS Academy holds a firm stand for learning about learning. We believe in producing true results via concept building not through spoon feeding. Your growth and concept building are our achievements. We do not want testimonies in the form of number of selections but the testimonies of number of beginners being transformed to masters. Obviously, no power in the whole universe can stop the one who has got firm concepts, or say a master in concepts. That’s what we strive to get through.
PS Academy is unique in its own way of teaching and the way is totally is customized according to the understanding of the students. The way you understand, is our way to throw light on the topics. Your understanding is our prior motive.


Mr. Pradeep Srivastava when realised the need of focus as a long term objective, He took this step to build the foundation of PS Academy in 1995. His purpose was to come up with a platform for the ones who are struggling to get through these Civil Service Examinations. The Institute is persistently producing good results in almost every examination conducted by UPSC as well as MPPSC.
He is very voracious writer, published many books and magazines. Almost 1000+ students got through the most difficult examinations through his support and hard work. Faculty members are equally supportive; the approaches to the syllabus and concepts are very precise.The primary focus is to promote dedication through real learning. We do not brag out the results but the results brag out our story.